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Art Is Messy - but Good Clean Fun

By: MyClasses.org
Art Is Messy - but Good Clean Fun
Children are almost never too young to learn to create and appreciate art. Classes for the very young child are often focused in exploration and textures. As they get older different mediums, techniques, and appreciation can be introduced. An Art education encourages children to explore their world and express themselves.

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Kids are natural artists and explorers. The world is their oyster to color and embellish to their little hearts content. Have you ever seen a baby finger paint with their food on their high chair tray? This is as much about exploring the textures and cause and effect as anything else. Near my home there is a wonderful place that is called “The Art Room”. This is a fantastic place. This studio features a great many different craft supplies and allows children to create as they see fit. There are child height easels on the wall with paint brushes and balls to paint with, the floor is one giant chalk board, there is more to do than I can even fathom. The kids adore going there. A few times a week the studio has open studio time, when any child can come in, pay a flat fee and have access to all the studio offers and create suggested projects or just do what moves them. At other times the studio offers classes for different aged children. The <strong>art classes</strong> are offered for ages three and up. Three year olds love the chance to see what happens when making prints with different fruits and vegetables. Or see how a marble rolled in paint can make a trail that looks a like spider web when rolled inside a box lid. Even better: glitter. I have not met a child who does not love glitter. Which the part that I love most? The mess is not at my house, and I do not have to clean up. Older children, can learn to create with more involved materials. My seven year old recently had her first class in oil painting. She greatly enjoyed it. She was able to learn more about how different colors mix together and interact. She was able to experiment with different brushes and techniques. Moreover, she was able to create something that was a part of her. She gave me one of her first paintings on canvas, and I can always look back at it and remember the pride in her eyes creating that work. <strong>Teaching children</strong> to enjoy art is really pretty easy. Simply by providing a variety of materials children will let their natural creativity and inquisitive nature take over. Some of the most fun my kids have been making collages from found items. Almost anything can be made into art. Leave it to kids to figure out how. I sincerely hope they never lose that creativity. <strong>Art classes for kids</strong> are not necessarily about creating the next Picasso or Rembrandt. <strong>Art classes for kids</strong> are about encouraging creativity, fostering confidence, and teaching about textures, exploring the world and expressing themselves. There is plenty of time to learn art history later, don’t waste precious childhood energy on that.
By: MyClasses.org

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